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Environmental Management Systems

The National Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Web site is part of the effort being made by the Washington Office to provide an agency wide framework including standardized EMS elements and strategies, announced in the Deputy Chiefs' EMS Letter (PDF).

"This National EMS will use standardized national elements and three levels: 1) facilities, fleet, and sustainable operations, 2) natural resources management, and 3) regional significant aspects and objectives. Significant aspects related to several programs will be applied nationally through levels 1 and 2. The programs include facilities and fleet management, sustainable administrative operations, vegetation management, wildland fire, and transportation system development and management of use. Procedures, templates, and other requirements for standardized elements, level 1, and level 2 will be developed at the WO level. Based on local conditions, Regions will have opportunities to determine whether they will designate significant aspects or EMS objectives in level 3."


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