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Sustainable Operations


R1 - Northern Region

R2 - Rocky Mountain Region

R3 - Southwest Region

R4 - Intermountain Region

R5 - Pacific Southwest Region

R6 - Pacific Northwest Region

R8 - Southern Region

R9 - Eastern Region

R10 - Alaska Region

NRS - Northern Research Station

PNWRS - Pacific Northwest Research Station

  • Name: Roland Ortegon
  • Phone: 503-808-2102
  • Email:

PSWRS - Pacific Southwest Research Station

RMRS - Rocky Mountain Research Station

  • Name: Dolores Rottach
  • Phone: 970-295-5924
  • Email:

SRS - Southern Research Station


FPL - Forest Products Laboratory


IITF - International Institute of Tropical Forestry


NA S&PF - Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry


WO - Washington Office

Climate Change

  • Climate Change: Key Contacts in the Forest Service [PDF, 5 pages]
    Note: This is a working list of key contacts for persons seeking more information about Forest Service actions on climate change. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but rather a list of potential first points of contact for information-seekers who are not sure where to start within the agency. For each contact, there is a brief indication of their principal role in the Forest Service response to climate change.

Last Modified: 10/29/2008