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VALLEJO, Ca., Oct. 6, 1999--After more than two years of work, an interdisciplinary team from the Pacific Southwest Region, USDA Forest Service has completed a draft handbook for managing the approximately 6,300 recreation residence lots across the National Forests in California. "This draft directive will provide managers and permittees with updated and consistent standards and guidelines which will lead to uniform compliance and administration of recreation residence special use permits," said Acting Regional Forester Brad Powell.

Some key points in the proposed directives include limiting rental to 14 days, removing unauthorized structures upon transfer of onwership of improvements, and restricting any cabin expansion except for health, safety, or accessibility concerns. The draft also directs permit administrators to require all permit holders declare their principle residence as part of the annual operations and maintenance plan.

This handbook supplement reflects the conclusions of an early 1990's national review of recreation residence management as well as comments from both permit administrators and permit holders.

The comment period will last 90 days and written comments should be addressed to:

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