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October 5, 1999






Enclosed you will find a draft supplement to the Pacific Southwest Region of the USDA Forest Service handbook on recreation residences.  This handbook direction is written for Forest Service employees,  permit administrators, and managers to provide guidance in administering special use permits issued for recreation residences.  The directives are based on existing laws, policies, and regulations.

We would like to know your comments on these directives.  If you have concerns or recommendations for improving these draft directives, please provide written comments within 90 days to: 


Marlene Finley

Attn:  Recreation Residences

USDA Forest Service

1323 Club Drive

Vallejo, CA  94592


You can also electronically mail your response to puf/  We appreciate your suggestions.





/s/ Gilbert J. Espinosa for




Acting Regional Forester

News Release Dated 10/5/1999
FSH 2709.11 R-5 Supplement 99-1