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Success Stories

Pacific Northwest Recreation Map Series

Federal land management agencies have long been important players in map production and distribution. In the states of Oregon and Washington, the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management alone produced 39 maps for public use.

When the concept of Service First was introduced to the agencies in these states in 2003, people involved with these maps saw an opportunity to combine forces and create a single map set covering all public lands. The maps would satisfy the same need with less resources, overlap and cost. [GRAPHIC: The states of Washington and Oregon with colored blocks indicating areas that have been mapped and their labels.]While there were challenges along the way, cartographers and managers worked closely to develop unique procedures and mapping standards. As time progressed, the National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service also joined the effort. The result: a cooperative spirit and award-winning products!

Now known as the Pacific Northwest Recreation Map Series, this combined collection of 28 maps (12 are currently available and 10 are in review) covers more area than before and provides the public with a durable, easy to use product. These maps are a Service First success with incalculable public benefit!


Joan Guilfoyle
Service First Coordinator

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Indian Education
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Bureau of Reclamation
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
Forest Service
National Park Service
Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Geological Survey