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Employee Comments

These comments came from focus group session in Southern California and Central Oregon.

"There were a lot of fears as far as what Service First might do to morale. We met those straight on, and most of those issues turned into non issues."

"Where we've integrated services, the efficiency and the feedback, both internal and external, has improved. It's really been wonderful."

"The higher up you go in the hierarchy of either agency, the more territorial it becomes."

"Customers love it. Everything's consolidated right here, and we can answer the questions for all the agencies. I enjoy it myself. I've learned so much from the different agencies."

"Overall it's for the good of the land. I was so excited in the beginning because we really all do the same thing, so why do we have these two separate agencies anyway?"

"With Service First you've got two levels to work on. It has to work on the person-to-person basis, but we also have to get the rules changed at the top ... with the rules for computer systems and payments."


Joan Guilfoyle
Service First Coordinator

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Indian Education
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Bureau of Reclamation
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
Forest Service
National Park Service
Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Geological Survey