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Information Technology

DOI Apps Store
Forest Service IT Access for non-Forest Service Federal Employees
USDA Person Model
USDA AgLearn Account
Forest Service eAuthentication Account
Forest Service I-Web Account for Agreements Processing

DOI Apps Store

The DOI Apps Store allows employees with a web browser to access certain DOI applications on government furnished equipment and personally owned devices, including some mobile devices.

Access the BLM's Intranet Website and Bison Connect!

Information Bulletin 2013-077, Availability of the Bureau of Land Management Intranet through the Department of the Interior App Store is now available at: This Information Bulletin is available only to people accessing the bulletin from a BLM computer.

Access DOI Learn

DOI Learn is the Department of Interior'sTraining Platform. DOI allows full access to DOI Learn for Service First partners.

For non-DOI employees, Request an Account to gain access to DOI Learn. Mention you are in a Service First partnership to receive access to the full DOI Learn catalog.

Remote Password Change

Update your own DOI network password, including expired passwords from most devices connected to the Internet. Devices include your government computer, your personal home computer, tablet device, or mobile phone!

Changing your Password Remotely

If you remember your current network password, changing it is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Update your browser's security settings (enable TLS)
  2. Connect to the Remote Password Management system through the DOI Apps Store ( – your username is what you use to login to your computer, plus your at the end, and your password is your current DOI network password
  3. Click the "Preferences" Icon on the top right corner of the DOI Apps main page
  4. Under Preferences click the "General" tab
  5. Enter your old password, your new password, confirm your new password, and click "Change Password"

For more details, review the Remote Password Management User Guide. You may also contact your IT help desk for support.

USDA Person Model

In order to access Forest Service Information Technology (FS IT) systems, non-Forest Service employees must have an identity record input in the Person Model database (USDA's identity management system).

Before requesting access to FS IT systems, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Create a record for the non-FS employee by adding identity information to Person Model (this is done by a person with the "Data Entry" role). Note: If you do not have this role or know of someone on your local unit with this role, please send an email to requesting help identifying a local contact. We will need to know your Forest Service region number and local unit number (e.g., National Forest, Grassland, Research Station, Prairie, etc.) in order to help.
  2. Assign this record to the corresponding Service First agreement number (this is done by a person with the "Sponsor" role):

Important: When making the assignment to one of the above agreements, do not check the LincPass required box. Other non-USDA federal employees should have a Personal Identity Verification card from their agency.

Once the identity record is entered and assigned to an agreement, FS IT access can be requested. Requesting and recertifying the FS IT access must be done by a FS employee who has working relationship to the non-FS employee. Specific steps for entering identity records and making assignments can be found at the HRM link below within the quick start guide.

Person Model training, access requests, frequently asked questions and quick start guide can be found on the FS - HRM site.

Forest Service - Service First Identity and Access Process (87 KB PDF)

Once an individual is sponsored in Person Model, they will receive an email inviting them to register for their eAuthentication account. Do not attempt to register for an eAuthentication account before receiving this invitation.

USDA AgLearn Account

Until we get across agency reciprocity for security and other mandatory training, any user that has a Forest Service computer profile will be required to take USDA security training. Note: Some Forest Service Regions and BLM State Offices have reciprocity agreements established for these training's (if you take a BLM training, then the FS will honor it for the mandatory training and vice versa). This reciprocity has not occurred at the national level at this point in time.

If computer profile holders do not take the mandatory training, then their profiles will be inactivated.

After your USDA eAuthentication account has been activated, then follow these steps.

  1. Go to Human Capital Management Job Aids page:
  2. Under the heading "eAuthenticating - for non-Forest Service employees (contractors, partners, customer, volunteers, public)", you will see the documents for Step 1 of 2 and Step 2 of 2. Open the Step 2 of 2 document (this is the part that needs to be completed as you already have an eAuthentication account). You will see directions via screen shots that will walk you through the application process.
  3. When you have completed the application, the HCM Center of Learning AgLearn Team will receive an email asking them to activate your AgLearn account.

Warning: If you created your eAuthentication account several months ago, you may not be able to create the AgLearn account. You may have to recreate your eAuthentication account and then create an AgLearn account. Email the AgLearn or eAuthentication team for help. There are links to help on the web sites stated above.

Forest Service's eAuthentication Account

eAuthentication verifies the identity of a user using any electronic service, including those users accessing electronic documents or records and those users represented by "electronic signatures" that are created, communicated, and stored in electronic form.

eAuthentication is a security protocol that all government employees will eventually have to obtain. USDA and thus the Forest Service are implementing eAuthentication protocols now. Eventually, all Forest Service processes and programs, including intranet access, will require entering an eAuthentication password.

Non-Forest Service employees can obtain an eAuthentication password by applying through USDA. USDA eAuthentication (Level 2) accounts allow you to do business with the government online. These accounts provide access to authenticated sites (those that require a password) that track contracts, programs, and services that involve you as a customer or technical service provider.

How to Apply:

  1. Complete your online application for a USDA eAuthentication Level 2 account at:
  2. Respond to the confirmation email you will receive within 7 days.
  3. Visit a local USDA Service Center office in person. Please bring official Government Photo ID (State driver's license, State ID, or US passport to verify your identity). Note: Your first and last name in your eAuthentication Account record MUST match the name on your Photo ID. USDA Service Center locations are available online at You must present your identification in person to activate your account - no getting around this step.
  4. Once the Service Center sets up your Level 2 eAuthentication account, then you will need to fill out two Forest Service information security forms and have them signed by your Forest Service sponsor. These two forms are FS-6600-6 and FS-6600-8 and can be found on the Forest Service web site at or the Forest Service intranet portal at If you cannot access these web sites (since you will eventually need the eAuthentication account to do so), your Forest Service sponsor will be able to download them for you.

Caution: If you have been a Forest Service employee in the past, you may need to contact the Information Architect in the Forest Service's Chief Information Office to clean up/identify your old passwords and accounts. The current information architect in the Forest Service Washington Office is Mitchell Ringer (703-605-5303).

Once you have your Level 2 eAuthentication account, you can access the Forest Service's intranet, create an I-Web account for agreements, process, etc.

Forest Service I-Web Account for Agreements Processing

  1. You must have a USDA eAuthentication account to access the general I-Web program. See instructions on "How to Apply for a USDA eAuthentication Account".
  2. Once you have an eAuthentication account, go to the Forest Service's intranet at and click on NRM FSWeb in the "hot box" on the right hand side of the intranet home page.
  3. Click on the "Login to NRM" button located on the left hand side of the Natural Resource Manager homepage and choose "Default NRM Dashboard." You will see a prompt to choose to login with your LincPass or User ID and Password.
  4. Once in NRM/I-Web Main Menu, you will need to register as a new account following the prompts which includes requesting a "role" to be set up for you.
  5. As a non-Forest Service employee, you will receive an email from the I-Web manager asking for your Forest Service sponsor to send a message to the I-Web manager verifying that you need an I-Web account. Have your sponsor follow through to activate your I-Web account and have a role assigned to you.
  6. Once you have a role assigned to you, you can begin using I-Web to enter/track interagency Service First reimbursable agreements.


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