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Examples of Successful Collocation

Lakeview, Oregon

The BLM Lakeview Field Office and Fremont-Winema National Forest supervisor's office collocated in 1999. The interagency office allows the agencies to learn from each other and provide "one stop shopping" to visitors. The BLM and Forest Service share an Administrative Officer.

San Luis Public Lands, Colorado

Since 1998, the public lands that surround the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado have been managed as a single resource. Line Officers have dual delegation with the BLM and Forest Service. Although they face challenges such as dual reporting and accounting systems, the managers of San Luis Public Lands use the strengths of each agency to complement each other. Communication, flexibility and trail and error have helped them be successful.

Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, Arizona

The Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument was established in 2000 and included land administered by Lake Mead National Recreation Area and the BLM Arizona Strip Field Office. Although each agency has a manager, the monument is managed as a single unit. Staff from both agencies are totally integrated and share supervision. National Park Service employees do not wear a uniform every day to break down agency barriers. A recent monument planning effort used the strengths of each agency to develop one plan instead of two separate plans.


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