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"It's the right thing to do; it's how government ought to work." - Congressional Comment


What is Service First?

At the broadest level, Service First is a concept of organizing work with an external focus. It's about achieving the timeless goals of land stewardship and quality public service. Service First is a way of forming partnerships across agency boundaries to deal with the land in an integrated way and provide quality service to our publics.

Service First has three broad goals:

  1. Improve customer service;
  2. Increase operational efficiency, and
  3. Enhance land stewardship, resource protection, and conservation.

The philosophy behind Service First authority strives to meet the public and resource needs regardless of organizational or agency boundaries. Under the Service First authority agencies can pool resources to design, develop, and implement joint projects that will provide a greater benefit to citizens and natural resources. Service First provides the authority for agencies to form and promote partnerships across agency boundaries in order to address public land management issues in an integrated way; collaboratively developing joint solutions to common problems. The Service First authority is intentionally very broad; it gives maximum flexibility to the agencies to enhance their ability to create efficiencies.

Why do Service First?

Lessons Learned

Whether it is collocation of two agency offices or shared resource management, successful Service First efforts share these lessons:

Service First Modes

Service First Locations


Joan Guilfoyle
Service First Coordinator

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Indian Education
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Bureau of Reclamation
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
Forest Service
National Park Service
Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Geological Survey