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Agency Direction


Bureau of Land Management Manual 1203 - Delegation of Authority (Internal) (8,782 KB PDF)

Forest Service

Federal Register, Volume 67, Number 183, Friday, September 20, 2002: Delegations of Authority By the Secretary of Agriculture and General Officers of the Department (65 KB PDF)

Forest Service Manual 1237: Delegations of Authority to other Federal Officials, October 31, 2005, Pages 55-79 (377 KB PDF) or
Link to FS Manuals

HRM web site, Labor Relations - National MOUs

National Park Service & US Fish and Wildlife Service

Currently, the National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service do not have specific agency direction for Service First. Please refer to the Interagency MOU for guidance.



Joan Guilfoyle
Service First Coordinator

Bureau of Land Management

Forest Service

National Park Service

US Fish and Wildlife Service