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Respect the River/Rio - Recreationists

Visitors to National Forest System managed lands grew 18 times from 1946 to 2000. In 2002, the number of visitors reached 214 million. As the U.S. population is expected to more than double from 275 to 571 million by the next century (2100), the number of visitors to national forests and grasslands is expected to dramatically increase.

It is every American's birthright to use the national forests and grasslands in multiple ways, including outdoor recreation in all its forms. It also is every American's birthright to protect them. Every little bit helps, whether it is cleaning up your campsite, parking your vehicle at least 200 feet from the stream, or respecting restoration projects.

Whether you are camping for a week or just spending the day on a National Forest, please help us protect our streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands by learning what it takes to be a river-friendly visitor.

Respect the River and Respect the Rio focus on front country camping and recreation, places you can get to easily by vehicle. They also concentrate on recreation and camping near riparian zones. If you would like more information specific to backcountry hiking and camping, please check out the Leave No Trace website.


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