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Vita Wright

Science Application Specialist

Kalispell, MT
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Current Research

Individual and organizational influences on the success of science delivery, and on the use of science by fire managers in the USFS, NPS, and BLM. This draws from theories on human behavior, communication, and organizational culture and management.

Research Interests

Understanding the capacity for managers to access and use research, Organizational communication, learning, and innovation in the context of public land management, Organizational effectiveness of wildland fire management


  • University of Montana, B.S., Wildlife Biology, 1992
  • University of Montana, M.S., Organismal Biology and Ecology, 1996
  • University of Montana, Ph.D. Candidate, Social science of forest management
  • Publications

    Wright, Vita; Thode, Andrea; Mottek-Lucas, Anne; Fallon, Jacklynn; Matonis, Megan S., 2012. A social network approach to understanding science communication among fire professionals (Abstract)
    Wright, Vita; Kolden, Crystal; Kipfer, Todd; Lee, Kristine; Leighton, Adrian; Riddering, Jim; Schelvan, Leana, 2011. Enhancing fire science exchange: The Joint Fire Science Program's National Network of Knowledge Exchange Consortia

    RMRS Science Program Areas: 
    Human Dimensions