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Directory for Human Dimensions


Below are the 29 members of the Human Dimensions program (RMRS-4853). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Raish, Carol °Archeologist/Research Social Scientist505-724-3666NM
Stonesifer, CrystalBiological Scientist406-542-3249MT
Rieck, JonBiological Scientist406-329-4325MT
Hogland, JohnBiological Scientist406-329-2138MT
Loeffler, DanCooperator, Research Associate406-329-3397MT
Haas, JessicaData Services SpecialistMT
Knowles, MikeEcologist970-498-2571CO
McCollum, Dan °Economist970-498-2565CO
Champ, Patricia °Economist970-498-2563CO
Brown, Thomas °Economist970-295-5968
Mitchell, JohnEmeritus Scientist970-498-2568CO
Young, JesseForestry Technician Research406-329-3398
Froemke, PamIT and GIS Specialist970-498-2567CO
Black, AnneProgram ManagerSocial Science Analyst406-370-1513MT
Dailey, SuzetteProgram Specialist406-329-3302MT
Flather, Curtis °Research Ecologist970-498-2569CO
Short, Karen °Research Ecologist406-329-2127MT
Reeves, MattResearch Ecologist406-546-5875MT
Hand, Michael °Research Economist406-329-3375MT
Warziniack, Travis °Research Economist970-498-2566CO
Calkin, Dave °Research Forester406-542-4151MT
Thompson, Matthew °Research Forester406-329-3383MT
Anderson, Nathaniel (Nate) °Research Forester406-329-3398MT
Mockrin, Miranda °Research Scientist970-658-0484CO
Flores, David °Research Social Scientist505-724-3677NM
Williams, Daniel °Research Social Scientist970-498-2561CO
Wright, VitaScience Application Specialist406-542-4194MT
Coulson, DavidStatistician970-498-2576CO
Joyce, Linda °Supervisory Research Rangeland Scientist970-498-2560CO


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.