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Water and Watersheds

Watershed Processes

RMRS scientists are analyzing the historical dynamics of western stream and rivers, determining the relationship between air temperature and seasonal flows in streams, downscaling the climate effects on stream hydrology in headwater catchments, and studying the potential impacts of climate change on hydrological processes, riparian ecosystems, and the interaction of climate change with changes in disturbances such as insect outbreaks.

Contact Charlie Luce or Chuck Rhoades for additional information.

Western Watersheds and Climate Change Workshop

The Western Watersheds and Climate Change: Water and Aquatic System Tools workshop was held from November 17-19, 2009 in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado. This workshop brought together the management and research community to 1) share knowledge and tools that are currently available to address water and climate change, and 2) identify additional tools that are needed to adequately address water and climate change issues in Forest Plan revisions, project level decisions, and partner activities.


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