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National Leadership Roles

Climate Change and Natural Resource Management and Planning Briefing Papers

RMRS is a lead partner in the USFS National Leadership Team. The team acts as guide for global change policy and strategies at the national level. View the briefing papers from the USFS National Leadership Team meeting (4/24/07) in New Orleans, LA.

Westwide Climate Change Initiative

RMRS is the lead partner in a current proposal with the two other western Forest Service Research Stations, Pacific Southwest (PSW) and Pacific Northwest (PNW) to assess climates at scales relevant to national forest management, develop tools to quantify effects of climate change on natural resources, and promote new strategies for national forest planning and management. View the research prospectus.

Adaptation of Climate-Sensitive Ecosystems

RMRS, PSW, and PNW scientists are making a contribution to Federal Climate Change Science Program's National Assessment by examining the sensitivity and adaptability of natural and managed ecosystem to climate change and identifying management options for climate-sensitive ecosystems with emphasis on FS National Forests. View the assessment status.

Bringing Climate Change into Natural Resource Management

RMRS and PNW scientists brought together scientists managers, landowners, interested stakeholders and the public for a dialogue on what was needed to incorporate climate change into natural resource management. The proceedings of this conference describes their recommendations.

Climate Change Assessment

In support of strategic planning at the national level, RMRS and PNW scientists developed technology to assess the impact of climate change on forest productivity and the forest sector for the Resources Planning Act (RPA) Assessment.