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Effects on Ecosystems and People

Station scientist are active in many specialties, especially the following, where they are:

Wildlife and Wildlife Habitats

— determining the effects of climate change on wildlife habitats and wildlife, including terrestrial and aquatic species. More »

Climate, Vegetation and Landscapes

— studying the past climate changes and their effects on vegetation as well as exploring vegetation change and landscape dynamics under climate change using a suite of models at a range of scales from the stand to the landscape and to the regional and national levels. More »

Disturbances — Fire, Insects, Disease

— establishing the association between climate changes and the changes in the disturbances of fire, insects and disease, and quantifying how the potential changes in climate will influence these disturbances patterns in the future. More »

Climate Change Effects on People

— working to better understand the forces that protect and threaten human relationships with wilderness, including climate change. More »

Climate Change and the Physical Environment

— developing an online web site of specialized tools for erosion predictions for roads, managed forests, and forests following wildfire. More »

Water and Watersheds

— determining the effects of climate change on water and watersheds. More »


— contributing to the assessment of climate change impacts on ecosystems from the national to the regional scales. More »