Wildlife and Terrestrial Ecosystems
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  • Southwest Forest Science Complex
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  • Flagstaff, AZ 86001-6381
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Directory for Wildlife and Terrestrial Ecosystems


Below are the 27 members of the Wildlife and Terrestrial Ecosystems (WTE) program (RMRS-4256). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Pilgrim, KristineBiological Science Lab Technician (A)406-542-3255MT
Engkjer, CoryBiological Science Technician406-542-3255
Lambert, JeffreyBiological Science Technician970-498-2586CO
Apprill, DarrellBiological Science Technician (Wildlife)505-682-7881NM
Lambert, CarrieBiological Sciences Technician970-498-2587CO
Block, WilliamBiologist928-556-2161AZ
Dudley, JonathanEcologist208-373-4378ID
Salafsky, SusanEcologist541-750-7286OR
Ortega, YvetteEcologist406-542-3246MT
Begaye, TaniaInformation Receptionist928-556-2001AZ
Latif, Quresh °Post-doctoral Researcher406-994-3002MT
Olson, Lucretia E. °Postdoc Research Ecologist406-542-4151
Zarbolias, WendyProgram Assistant928-556-2019AZ
Cobb, KerryProgram Operations Assistant928-556-2019AZ
Steele, RobertaProgram Support Assistant406-542-4162MT
Pearson, Dean °Research Ecologist406-542-4159MT
Iniguez, Jose °Research Ecologist928-556-2159AZ
McKelvey, Kevin °Research Ecologist406-329-3052MT
Schwartz, Michael °Research Ecologist406-542-4161MT
Ganey, Joseph °Research Wildlife Biologist928-556-2156AZ
Sanderlin, JamieResearch Wildlife Biologist928-556-2182AZ
Squires, John °Research Wildlife Biologist406-542-4164MT
Reynolds, Richard °Research Wildlife Biologist970-498-2585CO
Grubb, Teryl °Research Wildlife Biologist928-556-2155AZ
Saab, VictoriaResearch Wildlife Biologist406-994-5032MT
Strohmeyer, BrendaSupervisory Biological Science Technician928-556-2185AZ
Lopez, RoyWildlife Biologist928-556-2162AZ


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.