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How to Request a RAVAR

How to Request a RAVAR in the WFDSS System


  • Once logged in to the WFDSS System, navigate to the Incidents page and select the appropriate incident that will have the RAVAR request. Currently, only Federal Employees have access to the WFDSS System with the ability to request a RAVAR.

  • Click "View Information", which is located at the bottom of the Incident page.

What can trigger a RAVAR?

When fire costs exceed $10 million. When highly valued resources are at risk. When there is close proximity to WUI. By CPR or IC request.

When should a RAVAR be requested?

A RAVAR should be requested at the same time as a FSPro request. If a FSPro run will not be requested, then a RAVAR request should made as soon as possible to expedite report completion. The average RAVAR report is completed in 3 hours.



  • This will open up the Incident Information and make the "RAVAR Analysis Request" option available.
  • Click on "RAVAR Analysis Request".


    Can a RAVAR be rejected?

In rare occasions, a RAVAR request may be rejected. This is mainly due to resource priorities and availability. This may also be due to duplicate requests being made.


Enter the following information:

  • Desired Date and Time for RAVAR completion

  • Rationale for Request - Enter the FSPro run that the RAVAR will be associated with and use for fire spread

    What if a FSPro is not available?

In the event that a FSPro will not be run for the incident or if the run will not be completed when the RAVAR is needed, a buffered fire perimeter or ignition point may be used. This would be a RIVaT request and should be noted in the Rationale for Request section.

  • Fill in Contact Information - this is extremely helpful for the RAVAR Analyst for initial contact and if questions or issues arise

  • Click "Submit"


  • Once the RAVAR request is submitted, an email and text message are immediately sent to the RAVAR team at the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Missoula, MT. A RAVAR will typically be "Accepted" within a half-hour of the request. The RAVAR Analyst will then contact the Requestor by phone to determine the expected completion time of the FSPro run and whether the FSPro run will be accepted or rejected.

  • When ready, the RAVAR Analyst will upload the RAVAR product to the WFDSS system and set the status to "Completed". If the status is not set to "Completed", any uploaded reports will not be visible to users.
  • To access the uploaded reports, navigate to the "Analyses" area in the WFDSS system. Select the appropriate incident and click "View Information".




  • Select the document to be downloaded or viewed and click the appropriate button.

  • The "RAVAR Analysis" is the version of reports for the selected incident. RAVAR A is for the first completed report. RAVAR B would be for the second requested RAVAR completed and so on.

  • The FSPro Analysis is the associated FSPro run for the uploaded RAVAR reports.



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