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Travis Warziniack


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Research Interests

Selected Publications

Travis Warziniack is an economist with the Rocky Mountain Research Station’s Human Dimensions program. Most of his work uses general equilibrium models to address water issues (changes in quantity and quality) and impacts to aquatic ecosystems (for example, from introduction of aquatic invasive species). Major projects include: extending the Forest Service’s national water assessment to include regional-level data and modeling; examining the value of forest-related ecosystem services to municipal water users; and modeling human-induced spread of aquatic invasive species.

Travis received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Louisiana State University, his master’s in economics from the University of Texas, and his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wyoming.

Research Interests

  • Water scarcity and water transfers
  • Aquatic ecosystems
  • General equilibrium modeling
  • Bioeconomics

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Selected Publications

Placing a Publications Order

  • Warziniack, Travis, David Finnoff, Jonathan Bossenbroek, Jason Shogren, and David Lodge. 2011. Stepping stones for biological invasion: A bioeconomic model of transferable risk, Environment and Resource Economics.

  • Warziniack, Travis. 2010. The Efficiency of Public Goods Provision in Space, Ecological Economics.

  • Finnoff, David, Chistopher McIntosh, Jason Shogren, Charles Sims, and Travis Warziniack. 2010. The Economics of Invasive Species, Annual Review of Resource Economics.

  • Tanner-Ehmke, Mariah, Travis W. Warziniack, and Christiane Schroeter. 2008. Applying Experimental Economics to Obesity in the Family Household, Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 40:539-549.

  • Warziniack, Travis W., Jason F. Shogren, and Gregory Parkhurst. 2007. Creating Contiguous Forest Habitat: An experimental examination on incentives and communication,Journal of Forest Economics, 13:191-207.

  • Bossenbroek, Jonathan M., David Finnoff, Jason Shogren, and Travis Warziniack. 2009. Advances in ecological and economic analysis of invasive species: dreissenid mussels as a case study, in Keller, Reuben P., David M. Lodge, Mark A. Lewis, and Jason F. Shogren, Bioeconomics of Invasive Species: Integrating ecology, economics, policy, and management. Oxford University Press.

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