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Dr. Daniel W. McCollum


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Research Interests

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Research Interests

Since coming to the Rocky Mountain Research Station in 1987, Dan McCollum's research has focused broadly on economic valuation of nonmarket goods and natural resources. His work includes both the measurement of net value or net benefits received--an economic efficiency perspective--and measuring economic activity associated with a particular good/service/activity, and studying how benefits and economic activity accrue to groups or sectors within the economy--an economic distribution or equity perspective.

More recent work has been aimed at understanding how and why people use (or do not use) public lands, and their preferences related to land management objectives and methods. The goal of that work is to more effectively incorporate the public and their preferences into land management planning deliberations and decisions.

Emphasizing applications of economic theory and methods to natural resource management, Dan has worked in cooperation with several national forests around the country, and state wildlife management agencies in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, and Maine, among other places.

Dan has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and afterwards completed a postdoctoral research appointment at the university. His undergraduate training is in both economics and biology, at Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois-Chicago.

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Selected Projects

Recreation and Tourism

Forest Planning and Resource Decision Making

  • American Views of the National Forests
  • Changing Values: Their Implications for Natural Resource Management
  • Rangeland Sustainability  
  • Place and Collaboration in Forest Planning and Ecosystem Management

Valuation Methodology and Application

  • Valuing Grazing and Rangeland Uses of National Forests/Grasslands

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Selected Publications

Placing a Publications Order

To view the following PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free of charge from Adobe's website.

  • Torell, L. A., N. R. Rimbey, O. A. Ramirez, D. W. McCollum. Forthcoming. Income earning potential versus consumptive amenities in determining ranchland values. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

  • McCollum, D. W. and K. J. Boyle. 2005. The effect of respondent experience/knowledge in the elicitation of contingent values: An investigation of convergent validity, procedural invariance and reliability. Environmental and Resource Economics , 30:23-33.

  • McCollum, D.W., H.T. Heintz, Jr., A. J. Harp, J.A. Tanaka, G.R. Evans, D. Radloff, L.E. Swanson, W.E. Fox III, M.G. “Sherm” Karl, J.E. Mitchell. Ecologic, economic, and social considerations for rangeland sustainability: An integrated conceptual framework. Forthcoming in: Aguirre-Bravo, Celedonio, et. al. Eds. 2005.  Monitoring Science and Technology Symposium: Unifying Knowledge for Sustainability in the Western Hemisphere ; 2004 September 20-24; Denver, CO. Proceedings RMRS-P-000. Ogden , UT : U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.

  • Mitchell, J.E., D.W. McCollum, L.E. Swanson, J.A. Tanaka, M.W. Brunson, A. Harp, L.A. Torell, and H.T. Heintz, Jr. Social and economic indicators of the sustainable rangelands roundtable. Forthcoming in: Aguirre-Bravo, Celedonio, et. al. Eds. 2005.  Monitoring Science and Technology Symposium: Unifying Knowledge for Sustainability in the Western Hemisphere ; 2004 September 20-24; Denver, CO. Proceedings RMRS-P-000. Ogden , UT : U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

  • McCollum, D. W. 2003. Nonmarket Valuation in Action. Chapter 13 in: Champ, P. A., K. J. Boyle, T. C. Brown (eds.), A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

  • Gonzalez-Caban, A., J. B. Loomis, D. Griffin . E. Wu, D. W. McCollum, J. McKeever, D. Freeman. 2003. Economic Value of Big Game Habitat Production from Natural and Prescribed Fire. Research Paper, PSW-RP-249. USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station.

  • McCollum, D.W., M.A. Haefele, R.S. Rosenberger. 1999. A Survey of 1997 Colorado Anglers and Their Willingness to Pay Increased License Fees.  Project Report No. 39, for the Colorado Division of Wildlife.  Fort Collins, CO: Colorado State University, Human Dimensions in Natural Resources Unit, and USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.

  • Miller, S. M., S. D. Miller, D. W. McCollum.  1998.  Attitudes Toward and Relative Value of Alaskan Brown Bears To Resident Voters, Resident Hunters, and Nonresident Hunters.  Ursus, 10:357-376.

  • Boyle, K. J., H. F. MacDonald, H. Cheng, D. W. McCollum.  1998.  Bid Design and Yea Saying in Single-Bounded, Dichotomous-Choice Contingent Valuation Questions. Land Economics, 74(1):49-64.

  • Boyle, K. J., F. R. Johnson, D. W. McCollum.  1997.  Anchoring and Adjustment in Single-Bounded Contingent-Valuation Questions. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 79(5):1495-1500.

  • Miller, S. M., D. W. McCollum.  1997.  Alaska Nonresident Visitors: Their Attitudes Towards Wildlife and Wildlife Related Trip Characteristics and Economics.  Anchorage: Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation.

  • McCollum, D. W., S. M. Miller, P. Janik, K. Titus.  1996.  Implications of Economic Information for Natural Resource Managers: An Alaskan Case Study.  Transactions of the 61st North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference, 61:257-66.

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Discussion Papers

  • McCollum, Daniel W., John A. Tanaka, Jack A. Morgan, John E. Mitchell, Kristie A. Maczko, Lori Hidinger, William E. Fox, Clifford S. Duke. 2011. Climate Change Effects on Rangelands: Affirming the Need for Monitoring.
    RMRS Human Dimensions Research Program Discussion Paper
    (1 MB pdf file)

  • Miller, S. M., D. W. McCollum, J. G. Champ. 2003. Conversations With Alaskans About Alaska's Public Lands. RMRS - RWU 4851 Discussion Paper

Selected Presentations

  • McCollum, D. W., M. A. Haefele, S. M. Miller.  1998.  Attributes and the Value of a Recreation Experience:  A Preliminary Analysis of Wildlife Viewing in Denali National Park.  Presented at:  Western Regional Research Project W-133, Benefits and Costs in Natural Resource Planning, Colorado Springs, CO, March 1998.  Proceedings published.
  • McCollum, D. W., S. M. Miller, S. D. Miller, E. Wang.  1997.  Tradeoffs Between Uses and Users in Natural Resource Management: Figuring Out Who Gains, Who Loses, and What it Means.  Presented at:  International Symposium on Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management in the Americas,  Belize City, Belize,  February 1997.
  • Sullivan, J., D. W. McCollum, G. S. Alward.  1996.  Regional CGE Models Based on IMPLAN Social Accounts: Experiments in Arizona and New Mexico.  Presented at the National IMPLAN Users Conference, Minneapolis, MN, August 1996. Proceedings published.

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Professional Affiliations

  • Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
  • Society for Range Management
  • Faculty Affiliate, Colorado State University, Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics


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