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Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest
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Site Facilities

Measuring Water Quantity
4' Parshall flume on the Upper Tenderfoot Creek

Permanent structures at the Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest include 10 hydrologic flumes and one open-channel measurement site. These flumes measure stream flow on Tenderfoot Creek and seven sub-watersheds flowing into the headwaters of Tenderfoot Creek.

The National Resource Conservation Service maintains two snow telemetry (SNOTEL) sites located in Onion Park and at the base of Stringer Creek.

The Duke University hydrology lab maintains two H2O/CO2 eddy-covariance towers, one near Dry Park and another in the Spring Park Creek sub-watershed.

Other features include internal access roads for stream monitoring (Tenderfoot Creek and Lonesome Creek) and for access to new research. All other roads are within or on the border of three of the four boundaries of the Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest. The western boundary is accessed by trails only. The main road along Tenderfoot Creek is closed to motorized vehicles except for administrative use.

Locations of Hydrologic Flumes and Snow Courses

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Topographical Location Map

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