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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do function models not display correctly?

Function models use statistics from the input datasets and make a guess at the output statistics. This can cause the surface to display incorrectly. To fix this simply rerun statics using the calculate statistic button or save the function model as a conventional dataset using the save raster button.

Why do some function model take a long time to display?

When displaying function models each cell must be processed. For most function datasets this is a relatively quick process but function dataset that are a composite of multiple functions can require additional time to display.

Why does stratified random sampling take a long time to finish?

Stratified random sampling can take a long time to finish when raster zones represent a small portion of the landscape.

What statistical libraries are being used?

Aforge.NET, Accord.NET, and ALGLIB.

I have installed the library. Why does it not show up in ArcMap?

You may need to adjust your security setting within ArcMap to allow unsigned add-ins.

Will RMRS Raster Utility work for ArcMap 10.1?


Why do I get an error when I try to run batch files as a separate process within Windows 7?

Check your windows security setting. The process tool must be able to launch the RMRSBatchProcess.exe application.

How do I report bugs and errors?

Visit Contact Us.