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RM-GTR-272: Desired future conditions for Southwestern riparian ecosystems: Bringing interests and concerns together

Shaw, Douglas W.; Finch, Deborah M., tech coords. 1996. Desired future conditions for Southwestern riparian ecosystems: Bringing interests and concerns together. 1995 Sept. 18-22, 1995; Albuquerque, NM. Gen. Tech. Rep. RM-GTR-272. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 359 p.

This proceedings represents scientific and applied papers presented at a symposium of the same title held 18-22 September 1995 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The symposium brought together scientists, natural resource managers, conservationists, and representatives from the private sector to share their findings, ideas, and visions for managing, conserving, and restoring riparian ecosystems in the Southwest. The Proceedings is divided into sections on the history, ecology, and management of the Rio Grande; general ecosystem hydrology and ecology; human history, values, and needs; ecosystem restoration and species recovery; and current and desired future conditions. Oral presentations given during panels on "Rio Grande restoration" and "People and riparian ecosystems" are also published in this volume. Patricia Pettit, President of the New Mexico Riparian Council, closed the symposium with an interactive session with the audience, which is summarized and published here. We thank sponsoring organizations for their support, and Karen Mora for her assistance in publishing the proceedings.

Keywords: riparian ecosystems; desired future conditions; human dimensions; hydrology; ecology; history; restoration; species recovery.

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Douglas W. Shaw and Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 50 K

Rio Grande history, ecology, and management

Letter by Senator Pete Domenici
Pete V. Domenici
PDF File Size: 35 K

The Middle Rio Grande: Its ecology and management
Jeffery C. Whitney
PDF File Size: 530 K

Riverine settlement in the evolution of prehistoric land-use systems in the Middle Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico
Joseph A. Tainter and Bonnie Bagley Tainter
PDF File Size: 2.3 MB

Human impacts on riparian ecosystems of the Middle Rio Grande Valley during historic times
Frank E. Wozniak
PDF File Size: 140 K

A preliminary riparian/wetland vegetation community classification of the Upper and Middle Rio Grande watersheds in New Mexico
Paula Durkin, Esteban Muldavin, Mike Bradley, and Stacey E. Carr
PDF File Size: 340 K

Riparian habitat change along the Isleta-Belen reach of the Rio Grande
Joanne Mount, William Krausman, and Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 260 K

Avian community composition and habitat importance in the Rio Grande corridor of New Mexico
David A. Leal, Raymond A. Meyer, and Bruce C. Thompson
PDF File Size: 155 K

Research and management of soil, plant, animal, and human resources in the Middle Rio Grande Basin
Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 125 K

Landbird species composition and relative abundance during migration along the Rio Grande
Wang Yong and Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 265 K

The potential for implementing partial restoration of the Middle Rio Grande ecosystem
Clifford S. Crawford, Lisa M. Ellis, Manuel C. Molles, Jr., and H. Maurice Valett
PDF File Size: 190 K

PANEL-Rio Grande restoration: Future directions
Moderated by Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 145 K

Introductory comments
Deborah M. Finch

Letter by Senator Pete Domenici
Pete V. Domenici

Restoration of the Middle Rio Grande ecosystem and the Bosque Biological Management Plan
Jeffery C. Whitney

Just add water!
Steve Harris

People reclaiming rivers: Amigos Bravos
Brian Shields

How much can the basin hold?
Clifford S. Crawford

Ecosystem hydrology and ecology

Spatial relationships among lightning, precipitation and vegetative cover in watersheds of the Rio Puerco Basin: An introduction
Deborah Ulinski Potter and Susan M. Gorman
PDF File Size: 615 K

Flow of water and sediments through Southwestern riparian systems
Leonard F. DeBano, Peter F. Ffolliott, and Kenneth N. Brooks
PDF File Size: 105 K

Effects of grazing on nutrient retention in a headwater stream of the Rio Puerco Basin
Mark A. Sewards and H. Maurice Valett
PDF File Size: 175 K

Geomorphic response of a montane riparian habitat to interactions of ungulates, vegetation, and hydrology
Daniel G. Neary and Alvin L. Medina
PDF File Size: 145 K

Willow establishment in relation to cattle grazing on an eastern Oregon stream
Nancy L. Shaw and Warren P. Clary
PDF File Size: 135 K

Insects of the riparian
Terrence J. Rogers
PDF File Size: 70 K

Distribution of Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout and its co-occurrence with the Rio Grande Sucker and Rio Grande Chub on the Carson and Santa Fe National Forests
Bob Calamusso and John N. Rinne
PDF File Size: 235 K

Bat species using water sources in pinyon-juniper woodlands
Alice Chung-MacCoubrey
PDF File Size: 765 K

Summer bird/vegetation associations in Tamarisk and native habitat along the Pecos River, southeastern New Mexico
M.F. Livingston and S.D. Schemnitz
PDF File Size: 195 K

Human history, values, and needs

The influence of prehistoric Anasazi cobble-mulch agricultural features of northern Rio Grande landscapes
Richard D. Periman
PDF File Size: 345 K

Historic land use and grazing patterns in northern New Mexico
Carol Raish
PDF File Size: 135 K

Tribal experiences and lessons learned in riparian ecosystem restoration
Ronald K. Miller, James E. Enote, and Cameron L. Martinez
PDF File Size: 85 K

Rio Grande Basin Consortium: Mission, goals, and activities
Deborah A. Potter and Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 85 K

Rio Grande Valley State Park maintenance, improvements, and developments
Tony Barron
PDF File Size: 50 K

The citizen volunteer
Richard Becker
PDF File Size: 45 K

Riparian wetlands and visitor use management in Big Bend National Park, Texas
C.M. Fleming, S.H. Kunkle, and M.D. Flora
PDF File Size: 80 K

The Arizona Riparian Area Advisory Committee: An experience in defining desired conditions
K.E. Randall
PDF File Size: 265 K

Cooperative management of riparian forest habitats to maintain biological quality and ecosystem integrity
David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth
PDF File Size: 70 K

Public involvement and consensus building in the Verde River Watershed in central Arizona
Tom Bonomo
PDF File Size: 460 K

PANEL-People and riparian ecosystems: Past, present, and future
Moderated by Richard D. Periman and Carol Raish
PDF File Size: 100 K

Introductory comments
Richard D. Periman

History and use by ethnic groups
Frank E. Wozniak

Endangered species in riparian systems of the American West
David S. Brookshire, Michael McKee, and Christian Schmidt

Current and future recreational issues
Tony Barron

Concluding comments
Carol Raish

Ecosystem restoration and species recovery

Albuquerque constructed wetlands pilot project: Summary and status of City of Albuquerque project, September 1995
Steven Glass, Joan Thullen, Jim Sartoris, and Rick Roline
PDF File Size: 145 K

Riparian restoration of Señorito Canyon, a tributary of the Rio Puerco
Dwain W. Vincent
PDF File Size: 120 K

Using simple structures for flow dispersion in wet meadow restoration
Bill Zeedyk, Benjamin Romero, and Steven K. Albert
PDF File Size: 50 K

Restoration guidelines for riparian areas using dormant stock "pole" cuttings
Tony Barron
PDF File Size: 65 K

Restoring native riparian vegetation
Debbie Hughes
PDF File Size: 50 K

Mitigation in riparian areas: Questions, concerns and recommendations
Tony Barron
PDF File Size: 45 K

Reducing impacts of brood parasitism by Brown-headed Cowbirds on riparian-nesting migratory songbirds
Sara H. Schweitzer, Deborah M. Finch, and David M. Leslie, Jr.
PDF File Size: 170 K

The riparian species recovery plan: A status report
Steven M. Chambers
PDF File Size: 80 K

Current and desired future conditions

Effects of livestock management on Southwestern riparian ecosystems
David J. Krueper
PDF File Size: 290 K

Desirable functional processes: A conceptual approach for evaluating ecological condition
Alvin L. Medina, Malchus B. Baker, Jr., and Daniel G. Neary
PDF File Size: 150 K

Ecological condition of the East Fork of the Gila River and selected tributaries: Gila National Forest, New Mexico
Robert D. Ohmart
PDF File Size: 310 K

Channel bed particle size distribution procedure used to evaluate watershed cumulative effects for range permit re-issuance on the Santa Fe National Forest
Bruce Sims, Jim Piatt, Lee Johnson, Carol Purchase, and John Phillips
PDF File Size: 280 K

GIS applications in riparian management
Carrie Christman, Douglas W. Shaw, Charles L. Spann, and Penny Luehring
PDF File Size: 85 K

Native aquatic plants and ecological condition of southwestern wetlands and riparian areas
Alvin L. Medina
PDF File Size: 170 K

Desired future condition: Fish habitat in southwestern riparian-stream habitats
John N. Rinne
PDF File Size: 185 K

Management plan for the Rio Cebolla watershed Sandoval County and Rio Arriba County, New Mexico
Noreen A. Breeding
PDF File Size: 80 K


Discussion of future cooperative actions and closing remarks
Patricia L. Pettit
PDF File Size: 60 K


Symposium participants
PDF File Size: 65 K

Title: RM-GTR-272: Desired future conditions for Southwestern riparian ecosystems: Bringing interests and concerns together
Electronic Publish Date: December 12, 2006
Last Update:
January 3, 2007

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