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RM-GTR-200: Target seedling symposium: Proceedings, combined meeting of the Western Forest Nursery Associations; 1990 August 13-17; Roseburg, Oregon

Rose, Robin; Campbell, Sally J.; Landis, Thomas D., eds. 1990. Target Seedling Symposium: Proceedings, combined meeting of the Western Forest Nursery Associations; 1990 August 13-17; Roseburg, Oregon. Gen. Tech. Rep. RM-GTR-200. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 286 p.

This publication, a compilation of 28 technical articles on various aspects of forest nursery management in western North America, consists of two sections. The first 10 papers comprise the Target Seedling Symposium, and discuss the latest methods of describing and measuring the ideal seedling for reforestation purposes. Morphological characteristics such as height, diameter, stocktype, root system size, and mycorrnizae are covered. Considerable attention is paid to physiological tests such as root growth potential, hydraulic conductivity, cold-hardiness, mineral nutrition, seedling moisture status, and mitotic index. Chlorophyll fluorescence (Fvar), stress-induced volatile emissions (SIVE), and electrolyte conductivity (EC) are also discussed. The remaining papers deal with operational aspects of growing forest tree seedlings in bareroot or container nurseries.

Keywords: seedling, reforestation, bareroot nurseries, container nurseries

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Chapter 1 - The Target Seedling Concept
Robin Rose, William C Carlson, and Paul Morgan
PDF File Size: 555 K

Chapter 2 - Target Seedling Specification: Are Stocktype Designations Useful?
Peyton W. Owston
PDF File Size: 745 K

Chapter 3 - Target Seedling Concepts: Height and Diameter
J. G. Mexal and T. D. Landis
PDF File Size: 1.5 MB

Chapter 4 - Root Growth Potential and the Target Seedling
Gary A. Ritchie and Yasuomi Tanaka
PDF File Size: 1.2 MB

Chapter 5 - Target Seedling Root System Size, Hydraulic Conductivity, and Water Use During Seedling Establishment
William C. Carlson and D. Elaine Miller
PDF File Size: 875 K

Chapter 6 - Mycorrhizae and Realistic Nursery Management
C.B. Davey
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Chapter 7 - The Target Seedling Concepts: Bud Dormancy and Cold-Hardiness
Karen E. Burr
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Chapter 8 - State of the Art Seedling Stock Quality Tests Based on Seedling Physiology
C.D.B. Hawkins and W.D. Binder
PDF File Size: 2.6 MB

Chapter 9 - Seedling Moisture Status
W. Lopushinsky
PDF File Size: 1.6 MB

Chapter 10 - Mineral Nutrition and the Target Seedling
William L. Bigg and Jeffery W. Schalau
PDF File Size: 1.9 MB


Growing Bareroot Seedlings

Comparison of the Summit Precision Seeder with the Oyjord Seeder
John P. Sloan
PDF File Size: 640 K

Soil Fumigation, Cover Cropping, and Organic Soil Amendments: Their Effect on Soil-Borne Pathogens and the Target Seedling
Philip B. Hamm and Everett M. Hansen
PDF File Size: 565 K

The Balsam Woolly Adelgid and Pine Needle Mite as Potential Pests of Reforestation Nurseries in British Columbia
Gwen Shrimpton
PDF File Size: 365 K

The Nursery Program at Missoula Technology and Development Center
Ben J. Lowman
PDF File Size: 400 K

Computer Vision: A Nursery Management Tool
Michael P. Rigney and Glenn A. Kranzler
PDF File Size: 540 K

Target Root Starch Concentrations Before Storage: Testing the Model
Steven K. Omi and Robin Rose
PDF File Size: 500 K

Moisture Stress and Root Volume Influence Transplant Shock: Preliminary Results
Diane L. Haase and Robin Rose
PDF File Size: 575 K

Discrete Proteins Associated with Overwintering of Spruce and Douglas-fir Seedlings
Dane R. Roberts, Peter Toivonen, and Stephanie M. Mclnnis
PDF File Size: 720 K

Mitotic Index of Conifer Shoot Tips: Processing, Sampling, and Data Interpretation
James Grob
PDF File Size: 400 K

Growing Container Seedlings

Effect of Styroblock Design and Copper Treatment on Morphology of Conifer Seedlings
Gary A. Hunt
PDF File Size: 535 K

The Use of Styroblock 1 & 2 Containers for P+l Transplant Stock Production
Philip F. Hahn
PDF File Size: 980 K

The Use of Lannen RT-2 Transplanters to Transplant Containerized Seedlings at Surrey Nursery
Tony Willingdon
PDF File Size: 155 K

Application of Foliar Fertilizer During Bud Initiation Treatments to Container-Grown Conifer Seedlings
Mark E. Montville and David L. Wenny
PDF File Size: 545 K

Approaches to Integrated Pest Management of Fusarium Root Disease in Container-Grown Conifer Seedlings
R. L. James, R. K. Dumroese, and D. L. Wenny
PDF File Size: 745 K

Regulation of Seedling Height in Container-Grown Spruce Using Photoperiod Control
A. M. Eastham
PDF File Size: 570 K

Morphological Development of Field-Planted Western Hemlock Seedlings from Various Dormancy Induction Treatments
S. C. Grossnickle, J. E. Major, and J. T. Arnott
PDF File Size: 695 K

Performance of Conifer Stocktypes on National Forests in the Oregon and Washington Coast Ranges
Ralph E. Duddles and Peyton W. Owston
PDF File Size: 515 K

NAA Effects on Conifer Seedlings in British Columbia
David G. Simpson
PDF File Size: 580 K

Title: RM-GTR-200: Target seedling symposium: Proceedings, combined meeting of the Western Forest Nursery Associations; 1990 August 13-17; Roseburg, Oregon
Electronic Publish Date: October 29, 2013
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October 29, 2013

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