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RM-GTR-149: Management of subalpine forests: Building on 50 years of research

Troendle, Charles A.; Kaufmann, Merrill R.; Hamre, R. H.; Winokur, Robert P., tech. coords. 1987. Management of subalpine forests: Building on 50 years of research. Gen. Tech. Rep. RM-GTR-149. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 253 p.

This summer marked the 50th anniversary of the Fraser Experimental Forest. These proceedings are the tangible product of the technical conference called to summarize, discuss, and transfer the knowledge learned over these 50 years. Eighteen formal papers describe the status of our knowledge about the interactions among timber, water, and wildlife. These papers were designed to present a balance of perspectives between research knowledge gained, and how that knowledge is actually being applied by forest managesrs and other resource specialists.

Keywords: Fraser Experimental Forest, subalpine forests, management, timber, water, wildlife

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Solicited Papers

Early History of St. Louis Creek and the Fraser Experimental Forest: A Narrative
Robert R. Alexander
PDF File Size: 1.8 K

The Role of Experimental Forests in Forestry Research
John M. Ohman, Charles M. Loveless, Richard G. Cline, and M. Dean Knighton
PDF File Size: 340 K

Silvicultural Research in Coniferous Subalpine Forests of the Central Rocky Mountains
Frederick W. Smith
PDF File Size: 715 K

Practicality of Applying Silvicultural Research on Subalpine Conifer Forest
Thomas W. Ostermann
PDF File Size: 495 K

Silviculture Research in Rocky Mountain Aspen
Wayne D. Shepperd
PDF File Size: 590 K

Case Studies in the Application of Aspen Research
Robert T. Beeson
PDF File Size: 290 K

Growth and Yield of Subalpine Conifer Stands in the Central Rocky Mountains
Carleton B. Edminster
PDF File Size: 700 K

Growth and Yield of Aspen in the Central Rocky Mountains
H. Todd Mowrer
PDF File Size: 440 K

Application of Growth and Yield Models for Forest and Project Planning
Daniel M. Greene
PDF File Size: 765 K

Trees--The Link Between Silviculture and Hydrology
Merrill R. Kaufmann, Charles A. Troendle, Michael G. Ryan, and H. Todd Mowrer
PDF File Size: 750 K

Influence of Forests on Snowpack Accumulation
James R. Meiman
PDF File Size: 810 K

Influence of Forests on the Hydrology of the Subalpine Forest
C. A. Troendle and M. R. Kaufmann
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Applying Hydrologic Principles to the Management of Subalpine Forests for Water Supply
Robert H. Swanson
PDF File Size: 725 K

Natural and Anthropic Factors as Determinants of Long-term Streamwater Chemistry
Robert Stottlemeyer
PDF File Size: 885 K

The Potential of Subalpine Forest Management Practices on Sediment Production
J. D. Stednick
PDF File Size: 770 K

Watershed Research for Management Needs: Which Way We Ought to Walk from Here
Rhey Solomon
PDF File Size: 625 K

Big Game Habitat Research In Subalpine Forests in the Central Rocky Mountains
Glenn L. Crouch
PDF File Size: 1.1 MB

Nongame Wildlife Research in Subalpine Forests of the Central Rocky Mountains
Martin G. Raphael
PDF File Size: 1 MB

Do We Know Enough to Manage Subalpine Wildlife Habitats? -- It All Depends
Jack Ward Thomas
PDF File Size: 360 K

A Preliminary Economic Assessment of Timber and Water Productlon in Subailline Forests
Thomas C. Brown and Benjamin L. Harding
PDF File Size: 1.2 MB

Poster Papers

Krummholz Snowdrifts: Hydrologic Implications at a Colorado Treeline Site
Neil H. Berg
PDF File Size: 385 K

The Coon Creek Water Yield Augmentation Pilot Project
G. S. Bevinger and C. A. Troendle
PDF File Size: 500 K

Studies on the Resting Site Ecology of Marten In the Central Rocky Mountains
Steven W. Buskirk, Henry J. Harlow, and Steven C. Forrest
PDF File Size: 405 K

Control of Dwarf Mistletoes with a Plant Growth Regulator
Thomas H. Nicholls, Leanne Egeland, Frank G. Hawksworth, David W. Johnson, and M. Kathryn Robbins
PDF File Size: 435 K

Effect of Management on Nutrient Dynamics in Southwestern Pinyon Juniper Woodlands
L. F. DeBano and J. M. Klopatek
PDF File Size: 405 K

Glacier Lakes Ecosystem Experiments Site: An "Experimental" Wilderness
Douglas G. Fox, Anna W. Schoettle, and Frank A. Vertucci
PDF File Size: 645 K

Bird-habitat Relationships in Subalpine Riparian Shrublands of the Central Rocky Mountains
Deborah M. Finch
PDF File Size: 795 K

The Coon Creek Wildlife Project: Effects of Water Yield Augmentation on Wildlife
Martin G. Raphael
PDF File Size: 605 K

Growth Efficiency, Leaf Area, and Sapwood Volume in Subalpine Conifers
Michael G. Ryan
PDF File Size: 505 K

Observations of Oversnow Flow in Subalpine Meadows of Colorado
Richard Kattelmann
PDF File Size: 680 K

Stormflow Responses to Forest Treatments on Two Arizona Mixed Conifer Watersheds
Alden R. Hibbert and Gerald J. Gottfried
PDF File Size: 550 K

The Influence of Pinyon-Juniller on Microtopography and Sediment Delivery of an Arizona Watershed
Burchard H. Heede
PDF File Size: 455 K

Environmental Limitations to Photosynthesis in Subalpine Plants of the Central Rocky Mountains, USA
Williard K. Smith, Evan H. Delucia, and Alan K. Knapp
PDF File Size: 700 K

Water Uptake of Subalpine Conifer Branches During Heating
W. B. Cohen, P. N. Oml, and M. R. Kaufmann
PDF File Size: 540 K

The Diversity in Streamflow Response from Upland Basins in Arizona
Malchus B. Baker, Jr.
PDF File Size: 460 K

Commandra Blister Rust: A Threat to Lodgepole Pine
Brian W. Geils and William R. Jacobi
PDF File Size: 200 K

Sanitation Thinning in Young, Dwarf Mistletoe-Infested Lodgepole Pine Stands
Frank G. Hawksworth, David W. Johnson, and Brian W. Geils
PDF File Size: -- K

Long-Distance Dispersal of Lodgepole Pine Dwarf Mistletoe
Frank G. Hawksworth, Thomas H. Nicholls, and Laura M. Merrill
PDF File Size: 720 K

A System That Monitors Blowing Snow in Forest Canopies
R. A. Schmidt and Robert L. Jairell
PDF File Size: 385 K

Temperature Gradient Driven Vapor Transport In Snow
Richard A. Sommerfeld
PDF File Size: 365 K

Ecosystem Studies in the Subalpine Coniferous Forest of Wyoming
Dennis H. Knight
PDF File Size: 985 K

Partial Cutting in MPB-Susceptible Pine Stands: Will It Work and for How Long
J. M. Schmid
PDF File Size: 380 K

The Measurement of Changes in a Colorado Subalpine Ecosystem Resulting from Alternative Recreation Camping Behaviors
Deborah J. Overton and Glenn E. Haas
PDF File Size: 420 K

The Application of Video/Photographlc Remote Sensing to Recreation Resource Management: An In-Progress Report
John R. Watson, Glenn Haas, and James K. Lewis
PDF File Size: 440 K

Factors Affecting Snowmelt and Streamflow
W. U. Garstka
PDF File Size: 120 K

Title: RM-GTR-149: Management of subalpine forests: Building on 50 years of research
Electronic Publish Date: May 2, 2011
Last Update:
August 13, 2012

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