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Mapping forest resources of the United States

Perry, Charles H. (Hobie); Nelson, Mark D.; Toney, J. Christopher; Frescino, Tracey S.; Hoppus, Michael L. 2009. Mapping forest resources of the United States. In: Smith, W. Brad, tech. coord.; Miles, Patrick D., data coord.; Perry, Charles H., map coord.; Pugh, Scott A., Data CD coord. Forest Resources of the United States, 2007. Gen. Tech. Rep. WO-78. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Washington Office. p. 106-132.

In this chapter, we present a collection of maps designed to portray the composition, structure, ownership, utilization, and spatial patterns of forest resources across the United States. This collection is the first comprehensive compilation of national-scale, forestry-related maps. These maps complement the information presented in the preceding chapters, but the maps and chapters are not directly dependent upon one another. Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act (RPA) tables and summaries provide direct sources for many, but not all, of the maps. Descriptions of the maps are provided below.

Keywords: RPA, assessment, inventory, forest statistics, area, volume, productivity, health, maps

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Mapping forest resources of the United States
Electronic Publish Date: November 20, 2009
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November 20, 2009

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