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Place affinities, lifestyle mobilities and quality-of-life

Williams, Daniel R.; McIntyre, Norman. 2012. Place affinities, lifestyle mobilities and quality-of-life. In: Uysal, M.; Perdue, R.; Sirgy, M. J., eds. Handbook of tourism and quality of life research: Enhancing the lives of tourists and residents of host communities. International Handbooks of Quality-of-Life. Springer Netherlands. p. 209-231.

doi: 10.1007/978-94-007-2288-0_12

Tourism is a spatial practice involving two seemingly opposing geographic processes. One is aptly captured by McHugh's (2006b) phrase "nomads of desire" referring to the ways amenity-seeking mobilities and travel are deeply rooted in the Western imagination. The other is succinctly expressed in Lippard's (1997) book titled "The Lure of the Local" describing the enigmatic and increasingly multicentric nature of place affinities and attachments and sense of home and community. Within the social sciences, place and mobility have long been treated as distinct topics with their own distinct literatures (Cresswell 2006 ; Gieryn 2000). In this context tourism represents an important global phenomenon increasingly understood as the interactive convergence of these two spatial practices (Hall and Müller 2004; McIntyre et al. 2006b).

Keywords: tourism, place affinities

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Place affinities, lifestyle mobilities and quality-of-life
Electronic Publish Date: January 19, 2012
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January 19, 2012

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