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Plant Guide: Tapertip hawksbeard (Crepis acuminata Nutt.)

Tilley, Derek; Jensen, Scott; St. John, Loren. 2012. Plant Guide: Tapertip hawksbeard (Crepis acuminata Nutt.). Aberdeen, ID: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Aberdeen Plant Materials Center. 3 p.

Tapertip hawksbeard leaves are consumed by pre-laying sage grouse hens and make up a large portion of their diet (Barnett and Crawford, 1994). Sage grouse chicks also feed on tapertip hawksbeard leaves in addition to the insects attracted by the flowers (Drut and others, 1994; Klebenow and Gray, 1968).

Keywords: Tapertip hawksbeard, Crepis acuminata, forb, native, establishment, production

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Plant Guide: Tapertip hawksbeard (Crepis acuminata Nutt.)
Electronic Publish Date: October 3, 2012
Last Update:
October 3, 2012

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