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Armillaria root disease in the western USA

Hanna, John; Ashiglar, Sara; Case, Anna; Fairweather, Mary Lou; Hoffman, Chris; Kim, Mee-Sook; Maffei, Helen; Mathiasen, Robert; McDonald, Geral; Nelson, Erik; Ross-Davis, Amy; Shaw, John; Klopfenstein, Ned. 2012. Armillaria root disease in the western USA. Journal of Forestry. 110(8): 489.

Armillaria species display diverse ecological behaviors from beneficial saprobe to virulent pathogen. Armillaria solidipes, a causal agent of Armillaria root disease (ARD), is a virulent primary pathogen with a broad host range. ARD is responsible for reduced forest productivity as a result of direct tree mortality and non-lethal cryptic infections that impact growth. It is typically more severe in intensively managed forests and in maladapted trees. Armillaria isolates collected from more than 500 climatically diverse, georeferenced plots established throughout the western USA were identified using DNA-based diagnostics. Survey data and associated climatic data were used to develop bioclimatic models to predict current and future distributions and disease activity of A. solidipes. Future host distribution models were coupled with Armillaria models to forecast areas in which hosts will be maladapted and thus more susceptible to ARD. Preliminary prediction maps indicate that although the distribution changes, suitable climate space for A. solidipes will remain available across the western landscape under various climate-change scenarios. Moreover, ARD is expected to intensify as hosts become increasingly stressed.

Keywords: Armillaria

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Armillaria root disease in the western USA
Electronic Publish Date: August 20, 2013
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August 20, 2013

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