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The Seven Springs Experimental Grassland watersheds

Gottfried, Gerald J.; Ffolliott, Peter F. 2012. The Seven Springs Experimental Grassland watersheds. Hydrology and Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest. 42: 17-20.

Water is a critical resource in the Southwestern United States. The demands for reliable regional water sources have always been present but are increasing as the human population continues to grow, especially in the Metro-Phoenix Area, which once supported Sonoran Desert ecosystems. While much of the land has been converted from farming to houses and other urban developments that use less water, the need for a reliable water supply is not diminished. The Phoenix Area's main supply of surface water is the Salt-Verde River System. These two rivers originate in the mountains to the north and east of Phoenix in a region known as the Central Arizona Highlands. These mountains, which receive more annual precipitation than the deserts, are covered with ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) and mixed conifer forests, mountain grasslands, pinyon-juniper woodlands and chaparral scrublands. These vegetation types sustain high quality streamflow, forest resources, forage, wildlife, and provide recreational opportunities for the populations of neighboring urban centers and are managed under the concept of multiple use. Several dams and reservoirs have been created on each river to capture surface runoff and to distribute it to the communities below.

Keywords: The Seven Springs Experimental Grassland, watersheds, multiple use

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: The Seven Springs Experimental Grassland watersheds
Electronic Publish Date: October 17, 2013
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October 17, 2013

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