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Journal tweaks and pet peeves

Block, Bill. 2012. Journal tweaks and pet peeves. Journal of Wildlife Management. 76(2): 223.

doi: 10.1002/jwmg.323

You may have noticed in the first issue that I arranged manuscripts a bit differently from how they were presented in the past. In previous issues, papers were arranged largely by taxonomic groups. I deviated from that by grouping papers according to their topical focus. For example, those with a focus on habitat are grouped, as are those focusing on population, management effects, and the like. My reasoning is that many members of The Wildlife Society have interests that extend beyond just amphibians, reptiles, birds, or mammals. Interests extend to multiple taxa, thus a paper that discusses estimating survival rates of grouse might have interest to a professional with a focus on deer. I must confess that my other motivation is to perhaps expose those inclined to just focus on one taxon to a manuscript on another that might increase their perspective. Some papers could be included in more than one group and I might miss the mark on a paper and place it in the wrong category, but change incurs risk! The other tweak is to standardize the format of notes to be more similar to full-length articles. The format differences between the two were very minor and simply not worth the trouble of authors and editorial staff to accommodate.

Keywords: Journal of Wildlife Management, manuscripts, taxonomic groups, multiple taxa

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Journal tweaks and pet peeves
Electronic Publish Date: October 23, 2013
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October 23, 2013

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