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GSD Update (No. 6)

Bagne, Karen; Finch, Deborah, eds. 2012. GSD Update (No. 6). Albuquerque, NM: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 6(August). 7 p.

Helping managers to promote sustainability on the Nation's forests and grasslands has been an overarching goal of US Forest Service Research and Development from the agency's beginnings in 1905. Major advances in resource management have been made with the help of science, from increasing yields of commodities like timber and cattle to providing services such as camping and clean water. But what steps should be taken to protect the public's resources? Some traditional applications of science in management are the development of best management practices to balance resource utilization with ecological function and support for decisions made in environmental assessments.

Keywords: conservation, vulnerability assessment, climate change, native plants

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: GSD Update (No. 6)
Electronic Publish Date: August 23, 2012
Last Update:
August 23, 2012

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