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Leadership development - trial by fire

Saveland, James. 2011. Leadership development - trial by fire. Presented at Living with Fire: Addressing Global Change through Integrated Fire Management; 5th International Wildland Fire Conference; 9-13 May 2011; Sun City, South Africa. 1 p.

The postmodern world is still struggling to blossom and flower. Organizations and their leaders often seem to be locked into Newtonian-Cartesian mechanistic worldviews, first wave behaviorism, and positivism. The theory and practice of servant-leadership, resilient leadership and adaptive leadership informed by psychology provide a way to address increasing levels of complexity in a postmodern world.

Keywords: leadership, organizations

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Leadership development - trial by fire
Electronic Publish Date: October 6, 2011
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October 6, 2011

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