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The ploidy races of Atriplex confertifolia (chenopodiaceae)

Sanderson, Stewart C. 2011. The ploidy races of Atriplex confertifolia (chenopodiaceae). Western North American Naturalist 71(1): 67-77.

Previous accounts of polyploidy in the North American salt desert shrub Atriplex confertifolia (shadscale) have dealt with the distribution of polyploidy and the morphological and secondary chemical differences between races. The present study amplifies these studies and reveals additional ploidy-flavonoid races, with ploidy levels known to extend from 2x to 12x, and all except 2x and 12x represented by races with and without 6-methoxylation of flavonol compounds. Results of this study show that diploids across their range have about 113% as much DNA per genome as do polyploids and that parallel variation in monoploid genome size between diploids and accompanying polyploids can be shown in different parts of the species' range. Polyploidy, therefore, appears to have developed independently in several areas of the western United States. Hexaploids are generally not as common as octoploids in shadscale, which could be an indication of diploidization of older tetraploid races.

Keywords: ploidy races, salt desert shrub, Atriplex confertifolia

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: The ploidy races of Atriplex confertifolia (chenopodiaceae)
Electronic Publish Date: April 25, 2011
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April 25, 2011

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