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Plant guide: Munro's globemallow (Sphaeralcea munroana)

Pavek, Pamela L. S.; Cane, James H.; Kildisheva, Olga A.; Davis, Anthony S. 2011. Plant guide: Munro's globemallow (Sphaeralcea munroana). Pullman, WA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Pullman Plant Materials Center. 5 p.

Munro's globemallow attracts many species of bees, a few of which are specialists, requiring pollen and nectar only from Sphaeralcea and related genera. These include the ground-nesting bees Diadasia diminuta, D. lutzi, and Colletes sphaeralcea. The Diadasia are proficient and dedicated pollinators, and have been found colonizing trial plots on research farms (Cane 2011).

Keywords: Munro's globemallow, Sphaeralcea munroana, perennial forb, subshrub, Malvaceae, pollinator plant, western US

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Plant guide: Munro's globemallow (Sphaeralcea munroana)
Electronic Publish Date: October 4, 2011
Last Update:
October 4, 2011

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