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CDPOP Users Manual

Landguth, E. L.; Hand, B. K.; Glassy, J. M.; Cushman, S. A.; Jacobi, M.; Julian, T. J. 2011. CDPOP Users Manual. Missoula, MT: University of Montana, Division of Biological Sciences, Computational Ecology Laboratory. 21 p. Online:

The goal of this user manual is to explain the technical aspects of the current release of the CDPOP program. CDPOP v1.0 is a major extension of the CDPOP program (Landguth and Cushman 2010). CDPOP is an individual-based program that simulates the influences of landscape structure on emergence of spatial patterns in population genetic data as functions of individual-based movement, breeding, and dispersal.

Keywords: CDPOP (Cost Distance POPulations), simulator, gene-flow, landscape genetics

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: CDPOP Users Manual
Electronic Publish Date: May 23, 2012
Last Update:
May 23, 2012

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