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Field trip guide to the 2010 Schultz Fire Burn Area

Koestner, Karen; Youberg, Anne; Neary, Daniel G. 2011. Field trip guide to the 2010 Schultz Fire Burn Area. Arizona Hydrological Society Annual Symposium; Flagstaff, Arizona; September 18, 2011. Flagstaff, AZ: Northern Arizona University, College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences, Bilby Research Center. 22 p.

This field trip guide was created for a September 18th, 2011, field trip to the 2010 Schultz Fire burn area northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, as part of the Arizona Hydrological Society's Annual Symposium. The guide provides background information on the 2010 Schultz Fire and aftermath (Section 1), site-specific information for each stop on the field trip (Section 2), and a discussion of issues of wildfires in municipal watersheds (Section 3). Section 1 is a re-print of an Arizona Geology newsletter (volume 40, number 10) that provides background on the Schultz Fire, the implementation and efficacy of Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) mitigation treatments, and an overview of the post-fire flooding and erosion that occurred during the 2010 monsoon ( Section 2 outlines the field trip itinerary and provides discussion topics for each stop beginning at the upper watershed and extending down slope to the flood affected developments and new infrastructure put in place to deal with flooding following the Schultz Fire. Section 3 presents information on a collaborative effort to reduce fuels and fire hazard on the Santa Fe Watershed to minimize the potential for high-severity fire to protect municipal water resources. The information presented in Section 3 is largely gleaned from a forum held in Santa Fe in May, 2011, sponsored by the Southwest Fire Consortium to showcase the process that brought about successful forest treatments directly intended to preserve water resources from fire-derived threats to water quality and supply. The goals of this trip are to inform participants on the Schultz Fire and aftermath, and to incite discussions regarding the impact of fire on water resources.

Keywords: Schultz Fire, field trip, Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER), watershed, erosion

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Field trip guide to the 2010 Schultz Fire Burn Area
Electronic Publish Date: May 9, 2012
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May 9, 2012

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