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A general target for MVPs: Unsupported and unnecessary

Flather, Curtis H.; Hayward, Gregory D.; Beissinger, Steven R.; Stephens, Philip A. 2011. A general target for MVPs: Unsupported and unnecessary. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 26(12): 620-622.

In a recent article in TREE [1], we reviewed evidence for a consistent standardised estimate of minimum viable populations (MVPs) across taxa [2-4] and found that the universal MVP of 5000 adults advocated by Traill et al. [5] was unsupported by reanalyses of their data. We identified shortcomings in the original analyses, and found substantial uncertainty in standardised MVP estimates, both within populations of the same species and among species. We concluded that neither data nor theory supported a generally applicable MVP.

Keywords: minimum viable populations (MVPs)

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: A general target for MVPs: Unsupported and unnecessary
Electronic Publish Date: November 10, 2011
Last Update:
November 10, 2011

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