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Shaw, Charles G. Terry. 2010. Foreword. Forest Pathology. 40: 145-146.

doi: 10.1111/j.1439-0329.2010.00653.x

It was in June, 1966 when I started working for the tree disease scientists at the Forestry Sciences Laboratory in Moscow, Idaho. That autumn I would start my University course in Forestry which eventually would lead to a long and rewarding career as a Forest Pathologist. But I knew none of that 44 years ago as a lowly paid summer aid hired by the Blister Rust research project. We were evaluating the effects of antibiotics (Actidione and Phytoactin) on established blister rust cankers on western white pine. My job was to locate the previously marked study trees (often not as simple as it might seem) and record data on the activity of treated blister rust cankers. The work took us in rickety four-wheel drive vehicles to remote locations scattered across the white pine forests of northern Idaho. I remember the scientists reading the cankers, often in drizzling rain, and calling off items for me to record; no aecia, no pycnia, no TM (i.e., Tuberculina maxima) (Leaphart and Wicker 1968).

Keywords: Cronartium ribicola, Blister Rust

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