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Methods for assessing fish populations

Pope, Kevin L.; Lochmann, Steve E.; Young, Michael K. 2010. Methods for assessing fish populations. In: Hubert, Wayne A; Quist, Michael C., eds. Inland Fisheries Management in North America, 3rd edition. Bethesda, MD: American Fisheries Society: 325-351.

Fisheries managers are likely to assess fish populations at some point during the fisheries management process. Managers that follow the fisheries management process (see Chapter 5) might find their knowledge base insufficient during the steps of problem identification or management action and must assess a population before appropriate actions can be taken. Managers will implement some type of assessment during the evaluation step as a means of measuring progress relative to objectives. Choosing how to assess a population is an important decision because managers strive to maximize their knowledge of a population while minimizing the time and money expended to gain that knowledge.

Keywords: fish populations, fisheries management

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Methods for assessing fish populations
Electronic Publish Date: March 30, 2011
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March 30, 2011

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