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Native plant containers for restoration projects

Landis, Thomas D.; Steinfeld, David E.; Dumroese, R. Kasten. 2010. Native plant containers for restoration projects. Native Plants Journal. 11(3): 341-348.

The choice of container is one of the most important considerations when growing or ordering native plants for a restoration project. Container characteristics affect not only growth and production efficiencies in the nursery, they can also have important consequences after outplanting. The challenging conditions on restoration sites require containers with characteristics that are significantly different from standard containers used for horticultural crops. Unfortunately, plant specifications for many restoration projects are written using traditional horticultural pot dimensions, and we feel that this oversight is adversely affecting survival and growth after outplanting.

Keywords: nursery, outplanting, root spiraling, root deformation, contract specifications

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Native plant containers for restoration projects
Electronic Publish Date: November 30, 2010
Last Update:
November 30, 2010

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