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Series expansion of the modified Einstein Procedure

Shah-Fairbank, Seema Chandrakant. 2009. Series expansion of the modified Einstein Procedure. Fort Collins, CO: Colorado State University. 238 p. Dissertation.

This study examines calculating total sediment discharge based on the Modified Einstein Procedure (MEP). A new procedure based on the Series Expansion of the Modified Einstein Procedure (SEMEP) has been developed. This procedure contains four main modifications to MEP. First, SEMEP solves the Einstein integrals quickly and accurately based on a series expansion. Next, instead of dividing the suspended sediment and bed material samples into particle size classes, the total sediment discharge calculation is based on a median grain size in suspension (d50ss). Thirdly, for depth-integrated samples the Rouse number (Ro) is determined directly by calculating the fall velocity based on d50ss, the shear velocity and assuming the value of the von Karman constant is 0.4. For point concentration measurements, the Ro is calculated by fitting the concentration profile to the measured points. Lastly, SEMEP uses the measured unit sediment discharge and Ro to determine the unit bed discharge directly. Thus, SEMEP can determine the unit bed discharge, unit suspended sediment discharge, unit total sediment discharge, ratio of measured to total sediment discharge and ratio of suspended to total sediment discharge.

Keywords: sediment discharge, Modified Einstein Procedure (MEP), Series Expansion of the Modified Einstein Procedure (SEMEP)

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Series expansion of the modified Einstein Procedure
Electronic Publish Date: August 13, 2009
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August 13, 2009

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