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Whitebark pine planting guidelines

McCaughey, Ward; Scott, Glenda L.; Izlar, Kay L. 2009. Whitebark pine planting guidelines. Western Journal of Applied Forestry. 24(3): 163-166.

This article incorporates new information into previous whitebark pine guidelines for planting prescriptions. Earlier 2006 guidelines were developed based on review of general literature, research studies, field observations, and standard US Forest Service survival surveys of high-elevation whitebark pine plantations. A recent study of biotic and abiotic factors affecting survival in whitebark pine plantations was conducted to determine survival rates over time and over a wide range of geographic locations. In these revised guidelines, we recommend reducing or avoiding overstory and understory competition, avoiding swales or frost pockets, providing shade and wind protection, protecting seedlings from heavy snow loads and soil movement, providing adequate growing space, avoiding sites with lodgepole or mixing with other tree species, and avoiding planting next to snags.

Keywords: Pinus albicaulis, reforestation, tree-planting, seedlings, plantations

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Whitebark pine planting guidelines
Electronic Publish Date: November 25, 2009
Last Update:
November 25, 2009

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