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Livestock grazing, wildlife habitat, and rangeland values

Krausman, Paul R.; Naugle, David E.; Frisina, Michael R.; Northrup, Rick; Bleich, Vernon C.; Block, William M.; Wallace, Mark C.; Wright, Jeffrey D. 2009. Livestock grazing, wildlife habitat, and rangeland values. Rangelands. 31(5): 15-19.

Livestock managers make and implement grazing management decisions to achieve a variety of objectives including livestock production, sustainable grazing, and wildlife habitat enhancement. Assessed values of grazing lands and ranches are often based on aesthetics and wildlife habitat or recreational values, which can exceed agricultural values, thus providing additional economic bases for effective grazing management. Perhaps more basic is the intention of many producers and managers to pass on the land in as good or better condition than when it was first acquired.

Keywords: livestock, grazing, wildlife habitat, rangeland values, management

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Livestock grazing, wildlife habitat, and rangeland values
Electronic Publish Date: February 4, 2010
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February 4, 2010

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