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Under-burning and dwarf mistletoe: Scorch 'n' toe

Conklin, David A.; Geils, Brian W. 2008. Under-burning and dwarf mistletoe: Scorch 'n' toe. In: McWilliams, Michael; Palacios, Patsy, comps. Proceedings of the 55th Annual Western International Forest Disease Work Conference; 2007 October 15-19; Sedona, AZ. Salem, OR: Oregon Department of Forestry. p. 71-75.

Relatively little quantitative information has been available on the effects of low-intensity fire (under-burning) on dwarf mistletoe. Here we summarize results from six operational prescribed under-burns in second-growth ponderosa pine in New Mexico (Conklin and Geils, in press). For 1585 trees on 14 plots, crown scorch, bole char, and DMR were significant predictors of post-burn survival in both logistic (3-yr response) and proportional hazard models (over 6 to 10 yrs). Reduction in DMR on surviving trees (scorch pruning) increased linearly with increasing scorch. Reduction in average DMR (sanitation) was observed on 12 plots, and increased with increasing average scorch and mean DMR before fire. A sanitation model estimates that an area with an initial DMR of 3.0 receiving 50% average scorch will have a reduction in mean DMR of 0.7. Longerterm monitoring indicates that burns generating 50% average scorch should provide about 10 years of control. Results indicate that under-burning can be a useful tool for management of dwarf mistletoe, given sufficient fire intensity.

Keywords: low-intensity fire, under-burning, dwarf mistletoe

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Under-burning and dwarf mistletoe: Scorch 'n' toe
Electronic Publish Date: January 26, 2010
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January 26, 2010

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