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Effectiveness of alternative management strategies in meeting conservation objectives

Holthausen, Richards S.; Sieg, Carolyn Hull. 2007. Effectiveness of alternative management strategies in meeting conservation objectives. In: Raphael, Martin G.; Molina, Randy, eds. Conservation of rare or little-known species: Biological, social, and economic considerations. Washington, DC: Island Press: 187-235.

This chapter evaluates how well various management strategies meet a variety of conservation objectives, summarizes their effectiveness in meeting objectives for rare or little-known (RLK) species, and proposes ways to combine strategies to meet overall conservation objectives. We address two broad categories of management strategies. Species approaches result in conservation actions focused on providing for individual species or groups of species with common needs or common ecological characteristics. Species approaches we consider here include those focused on managing for the viability of individual species, those that use surrogate species or groups of species, plus geographic approaches focused on species occurrences or ranges. System approaches focus conservation actions on providing for ecosystem composition, structure, or function. System approaches fall into two general categories: those that focus on managing to restore or maintain ecosystem composition and structure and those that focus on restoring or maintaining ecosystem function. These approaches are described in more detail in chapters 6 and 7. For this chapter, we analyzed approaches for which we could find studies or discussions illustrating how the approach might be used to meet either specific needs of a species or a group of species, or to meet more general biodiversity goals.

Keywords: management strategies, rare or little-known (RLK) species

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Effectiveness of alternative management strategies in meeting conservation objectives
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