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Editorial: By the time you read this ...

Morrison, Michael L.; Block, William M. 2006. Editorial: By the time you read this ... Journal of Wildlife Management. 71: 681-683.

It is mid-December 2006, and we are in the process of completing issue number 4 of Volume 71. That is, we are working on the issue that will appear midway through 2007; yes, there is a long lead time required to pull an issue of The Journal of Wildlife Management (JWM) together. Between now, when we are writing this editorial, and when you read this, The Wildlife Society (TWS) officers will have decided who the editor for Volume 72 will be. Morrison stayed on an extra year (sorry about that) to help with the transition into the merged Journal of Wildlife Management-Wildlife Society Bulletin (JWM-WSB) that you are now reading, and Block joined as co-Editor to help Morrison manage the increased work load. As we are writing this editorial, the new, merged journal is running smoothly. All manuscripts are being processed quickly, the journal is coming out on time, and we are personally pleased with the revised format. Naturally, the system is functioning well because of our editorial staff; they are simply outstanding thanks to the continued leadership of Carly Johnson. The staff at Alliance Communications Group (ACG)-who manage the publishing process-is extremely professional. So the state of your journal is very good.

Keywords: Journal of Wildlife Management (JWM), editorial

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