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Obituary: Frank Albini, 1936-2005

Andrews, Patricia L. 2006. Obituary: Frank Albini, 1936-2005. International Journal of Wildland Fire 15. 1-2.

Frank Albini, fire behavior research scientist from 1973 to 1985, died of cancer at the age of 69 on 3 December 2005. He was born in Madera, California, where he graduated from high school. He attended the California Institute of Technology and earned a BS in Aeronautical Engineering in 1958, and a year later an MS in Mechanical Engineering. He was awarded a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy from Cal Tech in 1962. The wildland fire community is fortunate that Frank felt the call to do fire behavior research. He was drawn to Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory not only by the interesting subject matter and the opportunity to make a contribution, but also by outdoor opportunities offered by the State of Montana. Many friends, family, and colleagues have fond memories of hunting and fishing adventures shared with Frank.

Keywords: Frank Albini, fire behavior research, wildland fire, Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory

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