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Ontogenetic Shifts in Habitat Use By the Endangered Roanoke Logperch (Percina rex)

Rosenberger, A. and P.L. Angermeier. 2003. Ontogenetic shifts in habitat use by the endangered Roanoke logperch (Percina rex). Freshwater Biology 48:1563-1577.

Introduction Among the most pressing goals of conservation biology is the restoration of aquatic biodiversity amidst rapid and pervasive human impacts on aquatic resources (Etnier, 1997; Richter et al., 1997; Williams, Wood & Dombeck, 1997). Degradation of aquatic systems through habitat loss, introduction of non-natives, and pollution has contributed to high endangerment and extinction rates among aquatic species (Miller, Williams & Williams, 1989; Williams et al., 1989, 1993; Etnier, 1997), three to eight times the rates for terrestrial birds and mammals (Master, 1990). To reverse declines and restore imperiled populations, managers must understand habitat requirements throughout life histories as well as ecosystem processes that maintain these habitats (Schlosser & Angermeier, 1995; Hartman, Scrivener & Miles, 1996; Labbe & Fausch, 2000; Roni et al., 2002).

Keywords: conservation, habitat selection, life history, lotic habitat, ontogeny

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Title: RMRS Other Publications: Ontogenetic Shifts in Habitat Use By the Endangered Roanoke Logperch (Percina rex)
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