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Yong, Wang; Finch, Deborah M. 1999. Response. Wilson Bulletin. 111(4): 589-592.

Hubbard (1999) criticizes our paper "Migration of the Willow Flycatcher along the middle Rio Grande" (Yong and Finch 1997), where we reported aspects of stopover ecology of the species including timing, abundance, fat stores, stopover length, and habitat use. Hubbard questions our identification of subspecies of the Willow Flycatcher (Empidonax traillii) and the methods we used to identify them. He also attempts to evaluate the accuracy of our results of subspecies composition by comparing them with data from other researchers. We welcome and applaud this scrutiny in the hope that this interchange will stimulate greater interest, research, and capability to distinguish the phenotypic characteristics of subspecies of the Willow Flycatcher. Given that the southwestern race (E. t. extimus) of the Willow Flycatcher is federally listed as Endangered, reliable methods for identifying this subspecies need to be developed to more effectively conserve and recover its populations.

Keywords: Willow Flycatcher, Empidonax traillii

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